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Getting Right With God

Updated: May 20, 2021

Anthony needed reconciliation and ASM was there!

May 2021 • Newsletter

For most of his life, Anthony has been angry with God. He blamed Him for the cancer that took his father, for the way it fractured his family, and later, for how it set his life on a path of destruction.

“I dealt with the pain by doing drugs,” admits Anthony. “By the time I was in high school I was selling. That was my identity for a really long time. I was living my life dealing with childhood trauma.

Anthony was running as far as he could from God, but God in His infinite love, couldn’t let him go. Instead, God got Anthony’s attention in a way that spoke to him like nothing else would: with a visit from the Mesa Police Department.

Anthony was 40 when his lifetime of dealing drugs finally caught up to him. He had a wife and kids, but lost his family the minute he was sentenced to five years in prison.

“For me, that was rock bottom. I lost everything. But looking back, that sentence was my saving grace.”

It was a wakeup call well received. Knowing he had years of time ahead to think, Anthony resolved to use it wisely.

“I knew I needed to deal with my childhood issues and my dad’s passing. I cried out to the Lord and asked to know who He was.”

God answered.

“The Lord spoke to me and told me that He wanted me to go to ASM. I was accepted into the program and found out right away that it was the real thing.”

Your support gave Anthony exactly what he needed to put his past behind him once and for all.

“I was spending time with people who were all in for Jesus. I studied and read scripture every day. I just kept following the Lord and He started revealing Himself to me. He healed those childhood wounds and directed me towards a new path.”

Anthony was so excited by what God was doing, he started sharing his renewed faith with others in prison. Before long, he began teaching parenting classes and became a sponsor to those who had substance abuse issues. He even facilitated a 26-week recovery program for his fellow inmates and became a positive force for change on the inside.

“It all happened because I learned to put God first. Matthew 6:33 became my life verse.”

We’re happy to report, it’s a life goal he continued to pursue even after he was released. Today, Anthony is an ASM graduate, a mentor, he’s remarried and is looking forward to

restoring his relationship with his kids. He’s even started his own house painting business.

“Abba Coatings is my ministry. The name is a great conversation starter. It opens the door for me to share my faith and minister to those who don’t know the Lord.

To go from drug dealer to business owner in such a short time is nothing short of a miracle! It’s God’s grace and your prayers and support that makes stories like Anthony’s possible.

“When you’re about God’s business, He has mercy on you. God is faithful.”

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