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Outside Prison



Grace Ministry: Welcomes newly released programmers into our residential discipleship program with the blessing of Grace Bags and necessities to help them get off to a good start.  Grace Bags include personal welcome cards, hygiene items, bedding/comforter, Walmart gift cards, and mobile phone cards. The need is ongoing and is a great opportunity for a church, small group, or a family project.   

Meal & Fellowship: Provides meals and fellowship for our programmers before Wednesday Bible Study or Thursday Life Skills Groups.  Mealtime is at 6:00 PM and groups begin at 6:30 PM at both our men’s and women’s Discipleship Training Centers (DTC’s). Meals can be catered or home-cooked.  There are normally 15-25 at the Men’s DTC and 10 at the Women’s DTC. An exact number will be provided.  This is a great opportunity for a church, group, or family to get to know our programmers.  Groups can commit to providing one or several meals, such as monthly, bi-monthly, etc. 

Service Projects: Performs special projects to assist in the maintenance and upkeep of ASM properties.  Examples include painting, cleaning, landscaping, minor repairs, renovations, etc. This is a great opportunity for churches, clubs, and groups to bless our programmers.  Skilled and unskilled labor is welcome. Each project will be unique and established in partnership with ASM staff.

Special Events: Works in partnership with ASM to conduct special events including inside prison. Inside events would include Evangelistic Outreaches and Worship Services. This is a great opportunity for a church or worship team to provide a service to inmates inside prison. ASM will coordinate with the Department of Corrections for necessary permissions.  An example of an outside partnership is providing Thanksgiving meals to families of incarcerated.


Life Skills Teacher: Teaches programmers in subjects to help them prepare for transition into the community.  The Program Director will partner with the volunteer to customize each training. The two-to-six-week modules include Money Management, Relationship/Marriage, Goal Setting, Writing, Automotive repair, House Maintenance, Boundaries, etc. Teachers will be mature Christians, experienced in the subject matter, and willing to be trained.  Life Skill groups are held each Thursday night from 6:30 – 8:00 PM at our men’s and women’s DTC’s.

utside Mentor: Meets with individual programmers on the day of release from prison and then weekly until graduation (9 months minimum).  Uses the ASM Mentor curriculum and helps to disciple and equip the programmer for a successful transition. Mentors will be trained and provided with mentoring manuals. Must be willing to establish a long-term relationship with mentee.

Substitute Bible Teacher: Mature Christian Bible teachers to fill in for our regular Bible study teachers during vacations, illness, breaks, etc.  Able to share practical application of scripture to programmers and inspire them for successful reentry.  We ask for a three-month commitment to be able to respond with short notice.  This is a great opportunity for seasonal volunteers. Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00 PM.   

Barnabas Ministry: Writes letters to inmates in prison and encourages them in their walk with the Lord.  Also educates inmates on the ASM Discipleship Program. Training will be provided. This can be done from any location and is a great opportunity for individuals and groups.  The time commitment is flexible.

Micro Event Host: Special “friend” raising events to educate targeted guests about ASM and inspire them through testimonies of life-transformation. Hosts will partner with ASM, invite guests, and conduct an event in their home or other appropriate location.  The times and locations are very flexible, and details will be established in consultation with ASM staff.

Church Coordinator: Be the point person between ASM and your local church.  Work to recruit volunteers, increase awareness, and create event opportunities for ASM.  Develops relationships to educate and promote ASM.  Coordinators would have the blessing of church leadership and be members in good standing of their church.

Volunteer Inquiries

Individuals or groups interested in volunteering may email or call 602-995-9484. Our primary locations are:


  • ASM Office: 2830 W. Northern Ave, Phoenix AZ 85051

  • Men’s Discipleship Training Center:  2601 W. Belmont Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051

  • Women’s Discipleship Training Center: 2625 W. Hayward Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85051

Give now to give hope and a second chance at life!

People incarcerated in Arizona: 50,400

The Problem: 68% DOJ reports 68% of all inmates released return to prison within 3 years.

The Solution: 97% of our graduates get out and stay out!

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