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June Graduates – What Graduation Means to Me!

July 2023 • Newsletter

Homecoming & Volunteer Appreciation Day
ASM June Graduates (L-R) Verrone White, Jacob Welsch and Craig Chapman

Along Side Ministries quarterly graduation ceremonies are always an event. Program residents, Board members, staff, volunteers, and donors all come together to celebrate the

Discipleship Training Program and become Alumni.

Verrone White – June Graduate — I see graduation as a time to pause and reflect on all the Lord has done for me and how much I’ve learned over the past nine months at Along Side Ministries. Now there is more accountability and more freedom, and with that freedom comes more responsibility. So, it’s time to get even more focused on what exactly the Lord has planned for me in this new world I’m part of. I’m so thankful.

Jacob Welsch – June Graduate — Graduating from the Along Side Ministries program gives me a great sense of accomplishment, of finally finishing something that I started. It’s been a time of not only believing in Christ, but of great fellowship, life-skill learning, and divine appointments along the way. Moving forward in my life I take all things to Christ and what it is that He would want for my life.

Craig Chapman – June Graduate — To me, graduation from Along Side Ministries’

program means following through on my commitment made to the Lord to become

a better Christian disciple. I believe this is a lifelong commitment that continues

ever after graduation – even for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful to the Lord

for all He has done for me.

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