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From Addict to Advocate, Sandie is Impacting Lives

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

December 2020 • Newsletter

“If you’re an addict for a lot of years, you’ve probably messed your family over a few times. When they get to us, it’s their last hope.”

Sandie doesn’t just speak from experience as a vital member of the Along Side staff, she speaks from personal experience. She was addicted once; she knows what it “If you’re an addict for a lot of years, you’ve probably messed your family over a few times. When they get to us, it’s their last hope.”

“I prayed God would put me in a position where I could love what I do. A friend, who was also a mentor and a teacher at ASM, told me they were hiring for a part time administrative position. But day one, I knew there was no way I was going to be just an admin.”

Three months in, she became an inmate advocate, as well as the directors’ assistant. Two months after that she delved further into the program and began mentoring in the prisons. Then she trained to become a court case manager

for the homeless and a volunteer coordinator liaison.

“They tease me that no one knows what my job title is at this point! Of all the titles I’ve commandeered, inmate advocate is by far my favorite. I set up and help our people prepare for parole hearings. So, you tend to be dealing with people who have been in prison for 25+ years. I prepare the paperwork and get them ready to speak in front of the board in a way that shows exactly where their heart is. This is, hands down, my favorite part of my job.”

Sandie has poured her life and faith into Along Side and the people we serve for more than five years now. In that time, she’s proven to be an essential part of the team. She’s even used lessons learned from her past to mentor two former inmates, seeing them through our program right to graduation.

“This place is the definition of iron sharpening iron. Anywhere else, work gets stagnant and it’s easy to forget why you’re doing it. That never happens at this job – every day I’m excited to be a part of it!”

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