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Legacy Giving

Leave a Legacy of Hope and Transformation

We all want to leave the world a better place when we leave.

What will your legacy look like?


Including the work of Along Side Ministries (ASM) in your will gives countless men and women a second chance at life. Your wishes provide the tools needed to become loving fathers and mothers, productive members of society, even leaders in the community. There’s no better way to make your heart known than by leaving a legacy of hope and transformation behind you.

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Consider including this critical work as a meaningful addition to your will today. You can also leave a legacy of transformation by including Along Side Ministries in your:


·    Retirement Plans

·    Life Insurance

·    Charitable Remainder Trust


Or by designating gifts of:


·    Real Estate

·    Stock

·    Personal Property

If you have questions or for more information, contact us today at (602) 995-9484.


Each individual and family situation is unique. This brief discussion of legacy giving options is by no means exhaustive, nor is it intended as legal or tax advice. Always consult your professional advisors when making financial and giving decisions.

Give now to give hope and a second chance at life!

People incarcerated in Arizona: 50,400.

The Problem: 68% of all inmates released in Arizona will return to prison within 3 years. 

The Solution: 97% of our graduates get out and stay out!

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