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When Loss Leads to Love Everlasting

God’s love and your support turn tragedy into hope!

December 2020 • Newsletter

It was over. Amanda caught her breath. As the tremendous pain began to subside, a tiny, glistening baby was slipped into her arms. Seeing her son for the first time, tears streamed down her face – but not because of the beauty of the moment. She knew what came next would break her heart.

“It was the hardest thing I ever went through, to have my son and then have him immediately taken away. It broke my spirit.”

Prison was no place for an infant and Amanda still had years left to serve. But our God has a way of using what was meant for evil for good. He took that moment of heartbreak, and turned it into a gift that changed everything for Amanda.

“After losing my son, I hit rock bottom.

There was nowhere else to go except

for God.”

This was Amanda’s third time in

prison for drug-related charges. The

sentences were getting longer. She

knew she needed help. Even though

she wasn’t a Christian, Amanda

reached out to God for hope and

He responded. She started attending

church every day. She began to

change. Then she found a saving

relationship with Christ, who led her

to something more.

“He’s given me the strength and courage to meet the healthy people in my life and guide me to where I need to be. That’s what got me to Along Side Ministries. God led me there and I kept going. I applied for the program, met with Brenda, and she helped me tremendously. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

It was your love and support that provided Amanda with a mentor to walk Along Side her on her new journey, providing direction, accountability and hope.

“Debbie, the mentor they picked for me is perfect. Brenda said God picked her. We had an instant connection. She came every week. We’d do Bible study together; she’d ask about me, and we’d talk about family and work. I wouldn’t know what to do without her.”

Amanda left prison on September 17th as a different person, and found a brand-new family waiting for her.

“I came to ASM and all the girls from the program were there, even some graduates. It was like I’d known these women for years because they welcomed me in so lovingly and sisterly! I felt like I was at home!”

At Along Side, Amanda has thrived. You’ve given her shelter, food, and a future.

“I have a history of making bad choices. Nothing was working. Finally, I’ve made a good decision. I have all the resources I never knew I could get. I’m getting help, guidance and structure; everything that was missing for me.”

Not only is Amanda on the right path, she’s got her son back, her relationship with her family is restored and she has a brand-new granddaughter to boot. Her future is looking bright and it’s thanks to friends like you.

“My family is proud of me. When they found out what I was doing, they were relieved and are talking to me again. We’re building a relationship. I couldn’t ask for better!”

P.S. As you think about giving, please note: Your gift can earn you a dollar-for-dollar credit against your state taxes, due to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Claim up to $400 of your gifts to Along Side if you file singly, or $800 if you file jointly. Thank you again!

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