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Setting Captives Free

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

September 2020 • Newsletter

Along Side is fantastic. They’re doing so many things right. I volunteer with other ministries and not many have this much recovery programming. The regular sessions each week, the one-on-one mentorship is all very good, plus they’ve got some very smart, extremely biblically sound, and caring leadership.”

Ruth has a passion for pouring into the lives of women and helping them experience freedom from the lies and regret that holds them hostage. When she teaches our women’s discipleship class, she speaks from personal experience.

“I went through my own healing and recovery experience. I had a spiritual mentor who walked through this Freedom from Strongholds material with me. It helped me recognize the lies I was believing about myself and helped me replace them with the truth about what God’s Word says about me. I want to help other women find that freedom.”

Ruth uses each class as an opportunity to allow God’s word to speak into the hearts of the women she serves. “I know how much God loves them. No matter what we have done, God is able to rescue and transform a life – any life.”

“The good news is, Ruth is already seeing the results.

“I’ve seen changes in the women as they move through the program. Just in the short time since I was sitting in on classes in November to the time that class graduated earlier this year, I saw transformation and growth and a level of maturity that brought a lot of joy to my heart.

It’s your support that allows volunteers like Ruth to share the love, support and discipleship that changes hearts and futures.

“The Holy Spirit is transforming lives and using the Along Side recovery program to do it.”

P.S. As you think about giving, please note: Your gift can earn you a dollar-for-dollar credit against your state taxes, due to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Claim up to $400 of your gifts to Along Side if you file singly, or $800 if you file jointly. Thank you again!

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