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 Letters of Encouragement 

Learn how to encourage incarcerated Christian brothers and sisters with letters of encouragement.

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97% of Our Program Graduates Get Out and Stay Out of Prison!

Mobilize the Body of Christ to disciple and equip incarcerated men and women for victorious Christian living.

The Problem: DOJ report 68% of all inmates released return to prison within 3 years

The Solution: Along Side graduates are a different story - 97% who get out, stay out.


As three strands are not easily broken – so it is with our three-step solution.

Interview with Jay Cory, our Executive Director


Along Side Ministries has provided both spiritual and practical guidance as well as support to 300+ incarcerated Christian men and women as they transition from prison back to the community.


along side ministry success story
along side ministry success story
along side ministry success story

When Melissa’s addiction got her six years in prison, she didn’t know where to turn. Separated from her four children, she almost lost hope. Then she found Along Side and everything changed.

The first time Chrissy was released from prison, she was alone. She ended up addicted, homeless, and right back in prison. The second time, Along Side, was there – and it made all the difference.

Darren lost his family, then his freedom. Thankfully, Along Side was there to help him pick up the pieces and get back on his feet. Today, he’s been restored – he’s a different man!

Meet some of the people whose lives have been changed because of YOUR SUPPORT.

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There are many ways YOU can get involved with Along Side Ministries.  Help us help them!

AZ Tax Credit

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of men and women in our Discipleship Training Program who are striving to walk like Jesus walked?


Consider a donation to Along Side Ministries who is a Qualifying Charitable Organization for the AZ Charitable Tax Credit.  This is not a tax deduction, but a credit where individuals can qualify up to $470 and couples filing jointly up to $938. 


If you donate to Along Side Ministries, you must use the following QCO code on your AZ taxes: 20298.

Partner with us and give those we serve a brighter future.

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