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Image by Damir Spanic

Step-2 Transformation

It's a day that inmates both long for and dread at the same time. Once the gates close behind them and they’re finally free, they’re also on their own – many starting from square one with just the clothes on their back. Describing that moment as “intimidating” is putting it lightly.  

With few resources and no direction, the problem is only 33% of all released inmates in Arizona stay out of prison.

20 years ago, Along Side Ministries was founded to turn that sad statistic upside down – and it has! Today, 92% of our recovery program graduates leave prison and stay out permanently.   

“They got me stable. They’ve got me on a regimen of learning how to be free,” says Chris, an Along Side graduate. “I’ve been behind bars for 27 years. I need routine and they’re helping me build that. I need to stay connected with the body of Christ and Along Side is a big part of that.”

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Give now to give hope and a second chance at life!

People incarcerated in Arizona: 42,000

The Problem: only 33% of released inmates stay out of prison

The Solution: 92% of our graduates get out and stay out!

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