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Amazing Matching Challenge Doubles The Impact Of Your Love!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

July 2020

I have to send you this letter — even though I just wrote to you, a couple of weeks ago, about our Matching Challenge.

We are so close to reaching our goal. As of today, generous friends have matched $34,649.12 of the $50,000 available. We’re two-thirds of the way there!

That’s $34,649.12 toward giving men and women the tools and resources to start life over. To lay a new foundation. To break the chains of addiction. To get healthy, mentally and physically. To repair old breaks. To grow toward self-sufficiency.

Will you help us cross the finish line today? Any gift you give will be instantly doubled,

impacting TWICE as many lives like Harriet’s.

I introduced her to you last month – one of our rising stars here at Along Side. A few years ago, Harriet was an attorney who seemed to have everything going

for her – until alcohol turned her life upside down.

There’s still time to have

your gift DOUBLED!

Deadline fast approaching!

“What started out as something I was doing socially,” she says, “became something I was doing more and more frequently. That led to trouble with the law. When I got my first DUI, I didn’t think I had a drinking issue. I thought it was something I could handle... But then came more DUIs.”

She went from losing her law practice ... to losing her law license ... to receiving a five-year prison sentence for aggravated DUIs. Her young son, Andrew, would have to stay with Harriet’s mother. Harriet was devastated. “I felt worthless. Everything I had worked for my entire life, I lost.”

That was before friends like you reached out in love through Along Side Ministries.

Here she found mentorship, practical and spiritual direction to find a way out of her own internal prison. And a couple of months ago, Harriet walked out of prison a free woman ... in more ways than one. She is living for the Lord, the bondage of her addiction has been broken, and she is reuniting with her family.

Harriet’s is a beautiful story of redemption and hope. This month, we have the opportunity to

DOUBLE that kind of hope, to impact twice as many lives, thanks to the Matching Challenge – but not for much longer. The Matching Challenge expires at midnight on July 31st.

That’s only a few short weeks away!

We’ve made progress toward the $50,000, but we still have a ways to go. Maybe you already gave toward this campaign, and we’re crossing in the mail. If so, thank you. You’ll change lives. But if you haven’t given yet, I hope you’ll give today. In fact, even if you already gave, you may feel led to give again. It’s worth it!

Your compassion will go twice as far – every dollar doubled. Please do what you can. Help us

take full advantage of the incredible opportunity God has given us before the 31st. Your gift may be the one that gets us over the $50,000 goal!

Thank you again for your Christlike heart and for giving men and women the chance to forge a new future with a Friend called Jesus. Together, we’re building a better Phoenix, one redeemed life at a time.

Yours in Christ,

Ken Sheets

Executive Director

P.S. July 31st is the deadline. Any gift dated and postmarked by that date will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to the $50,000 total of the Matching Challenge.

I hope to hear from you soon!

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