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Outside Prison/Jail

No time is more crucial to complete recovery than those first few days of freedom. If you feel a tug on your heart to be there, to help provide that fellowship, care, and direction on the outside that makes all the difference, become a volunteer today by reaching out below! 

Bible Study Teacher 

Using the Bible, teach the Word of God to our men and women in transition from prison to society. These Bible studies take place at the Discipleship Training Center (DTC).

  • Verbally inform residents of what God's Word says in ways that hold interest.

  • Connect with residents in ways that spur them on toward belief and application of God's Word.

  • Counsel and pray with residents as necessary.


These are held once a month or every two weeks. Bible Studies are scheduled on a night designated by the ASM Staff.

At least a one-year commitment.


  • Looking for men/women to work on specific projects on our properties.

  • Painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, flooring or any other skills to assist the maintenance of ASM facilities.

Give now to give hope and a second chance at life!

People incarcerated in Arizona: 42,000

The Problem: only 33% of released inmates stay out of prison

The Solution: 92% of our graduates get out and stay out!

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